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Repair your Sonosite System? Yes we can.

Sonosite Mturbo Loaner Systems
  • Have a Boot up Error?

    Yes we can fix it. Our experience and parts inventory allow us to quickly diagnose the problem and have your machine up and running in no time.

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    With our Tiered pricing structure, there aren’t any hidden costs or unexpected charges.

    Save up to 50% from OEM costs with faster service.

    Need expedited service? Yes we offer that too!

  • Loaners:

    Can't afford to be down, need a loaner system? We have a fleet of dedicated Sonosite loaner systems to keep you running while we service your system.

Error Code Common Symptom AUE Can Fix:
Assert Code 4027 Fails to Boot Normally YES
Assert Code 2726 System shows blue error screen when probes connected YES
Assert Code 9053 Boots up to Blue Error Screen YES
Assert Code 10960 Unit starts with blue error screen YES
Assert Code 11409 System Boot error, blue screen YES
Assert Code 16868 Error screen appears when probe connected YES
Assert Code 222 Error screen appears when probe connected YES
Assert Code 221 Error screen appears when probe connected YES
Assert Code 13156 System boots to error screen YES
Assert Code 2719 Error presents when CW Mode enabled YES
Assert Code 20130 Boots to error screen YES

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Sonosite 180 Portable Ultrasound

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